jewelry influencers

This season’s television shows feature plenty of women of style who can keep us glued to the tube for the entertaining story lines they act out as well as for the stellar clothes and accessories they wear. Here are some of our favorite TV celebrities whose brilliant choices of jewelry we find equally entertaining—and in our book that makes them top jewelry influencers.

Tarajji P. Henson, Cookie Lyon in “Empire”

Over the last two seasons, Cookie (shown above) has brought bling back in a big way. Of course, she has a hip-hop mogul’s fortune to bankroll those Roberto Cavalli notice-me necklaces and chunky Chanel pendants she wears as she wheels and deals her way to the top of the music scene.

jewelry influencersGwen Stefani, judge on “The Voice”

In addition to her signature red lips, the singer/designer dazzles Voice viewers from week to week with her cutting edge wardrobe and bold jewelry including armloads of bangles, stackable rings, and edgy statement necklaces.


jewelry influencers

Kerry Washington, Olivia Pope in ‘Scandal”

For five seasons, Olivia always manages to look so effortlessly pulled together—despite all the crazy drama in her life. Ardent fans may notice that her quietly tailored designer outfits match her cool-under-pressure style and that she favors simple accessories, especially long necklaces and a gold watch with a bracelet strap.


jewelry influencersEllen Degeneres, host of the daytime talk show, “Ellen”

You might not think of Ellen as a jewelry icon, but the ever crisp and tailored Emmy-winner knows how to rock a Rolex watch. She’s been spotted over the years with a number of cool vintage Daytonas on her wrist, and she’s worn her modern Rolex Submariner (nicknamed “Smurf” after the cartoon characters) on the red carpet.



jewelry influencersMichele Dockery, Lady Mary of “Downton Abbey”.

There’s something about the way Lady Mary rocks a diamond tiara, ropes of pearls, or a long Art Deco necklace that keeps us fascinated with her cool, controlled beauty—as well as her romantic choices. From episode one to the present she’s worn an opulent mix of diamond and gemstone jewelry that has taken her from the corseted, long frocks of the Edwardian Era to the shorter, looser styles of the roaring 20’s.



jewelry influencers

Christine Baranski, Diane Lockhart, in “The Good Wife”

Although Juliana Margolies stars in this legal drama, it’s Baranki’s don’t-mess-with-me character, Diane Lockhart’s power jewelry that’s the real scene-stealer. With five seasons under her designer belt, fans will surely remember Diane’s big dragonfly broaches, chunky pearls, big pendant necklaces, and statement cuff bracelets.