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Welcome to DPA’s new Trend Alert page, where each month we will report on the latest in jewelry trends as we see them—walking the streets of the city, shopping the chic stores, talking to the most innovative designers, and other in-the-know industry pros to stay on top of what’s new, now and next! What’s on our radar this month? Mismatched and asymmetric jewelry—a trend that is steadily on the rise. So stop playing it straight and hop on the asymmetrical jewelry trend!

We started seeing an abundance of asymmetrical jewelry on high fashion runways for several seasons now, from mismatched earrings to asymmetric hemlines. Shape, length and color are all qualities that can factor into making fine jewelry things of unbalanced beauty.

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Rocking off-kilter jewelry is the perfect way to showcase individuality. Some jewelry designers and brands we think do an awesome job showcasing this trend are:



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Eden Presley is a brand that takes pride in reflecting unusual elements into their pieces. Therefore, at Eden Presley there is an abundance of asymmetrical jewelry in their “Rock Collection.” From cluster necklaces to open finger rings, there are plenty of disproportionate designs that are sure to make a statement!

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.53.06 PMTheresa Harper Bruno, the designer at Jordan Alexander Jewelry has designed pieces for the likes of First Lady Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts and Pink. Crafting innovative and custom designs for such prominent people across many industries takes a unique sense of style and creativity. Theresa enjoys reimagining classic pieces and putting a twist on them. This is why Jordan Alexander Jewelry is a gold mine of asymmetrical jewels!—Stephanie Melia