Best jewelry looks 2017



This is the season for year-end lists as everyone is recapping the top moments from 2017. We couldn’t help but reflect on our favorite pop culture jewelry moments from last year and call out our favorites! From scene stealers in must-see television shows and buzz-worthy movies to breathtaking runway looks and red carpet details here are the best jewelry looks of 2017. –Stephanie Melia


Jewelry Scene Stealers in 2017 Films




There were so many killer jewelry looks from iconic films this year and we wanted to […]

Jewelry that gives back to charity

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There is nothing we love more than beautiful jewelry that supports a good cause. So in this season of giving, we would like to give a shout-out to three designers whose collections not only continue to dazzle us, but who also share some of their profits with deserving charities. And the giving doesn’t stop when the holidays are over, this is jewelry that gives back to charity all year long.—Sue Perry



The activist actress, Angelina Jolie has partnered with famed jewelry designer Robert Procop to create the

Lindsey Scoggins: Redefining modern love through jewelry



An engagement ring is an iconic token of love, but in Lindsey Scoggins world, so is an anniversary ring. Or how about a diamond ring to commemorate a loved one’s 21st birthday?  (Yes, there should be a market for that!) And of course, there is her special way with engagement rings and bands with designs that pay attention to the tiniest details that make her pieces so distinctive and unique. In other words, this former architecture major turned designer is redefining modern love through jewelry. “It all started with a diamond […]

Jewelry that says ‘WOW!’


Often all you need is the right piece of jewelry to punch up your look. But like a clothes closet, a jewelry box needs a refresh every so often. After taking in the recent fashion shows, we’re happy to report that many favorite jewelry styles continue to be popular: statement necklaces and earrings are still strong; so are arm-parties of bangle bracelets. And layering will never die. What’s new is that “everything is getting bigger, bolder and more colorful,” says Karen Giberson, President of the Accessories Council. So if you […]

Timely arm candy—blingly bracelet watches are back!


Is it a watch or a bracelet? This sapphire-encrusted watch can go either way. The wings on the butterfly slide apart to reveal a secret watch dial; when the wings are closed it looks like a dazzling piece of arm candy. Personally, I’m so happy to see that blingy bracelet watches are back. Their fashion hay-day was in the 1930’s, but today both luxury jewelry houses, like Graff, and fine watchmakers, like Vacheron Constantin, offer secret watch bracelets. And each approaches the design from a different perspective: “We are basically making jewelry,” […]