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How to build a watch wardrobe




Move over designer handbags, and say hello to the latest IT accessory: a wardrobe of watches that lets you flash your fashion sense with the flick of a wrist. “With designer handbags being in one moment and out the next, more women are investing in a statement watch, which will hold its value and never go out of style, says Genevieve Yraola, a style consultant for  such publications as In Style, People, O Magazine, Real Simple, and W to name a few. But why limit yourself to one? “A woman […]

What’s in store for luxury jewelry shoppers?




It seems that the jewelry industry is where the food industry was not so long ago, having to deal with transparency as consumers become more curious—and educated—about where their jewelry comes from. How important is transparency to luxury jewelry shoppers? Very, says Ben Smithee, who as head of The Smithee Group is a super strategist for many bold face names in American industry, including Coca Cola, McDonalds and Disney. But Ben holds a special affection for the jewelry industry. That’s how I first encountered him as a guest speaker at one […]

The shoe that goes with everything!


The shoe trend of last year is still going strong: white sneakers, and I am loving it. As a fashion student in New York City, I delight in seeing how a trend can catch fire and this is one that I’ve seen roaming the streets of Manhattan as well as all over Instagram—even in the dead of winter! One factor driving the look is comfort, but there are lots of sneaker styles out there that offer comfy cushioning. What distinguishes the white sneaker is it’s sleek and simple styling. What doesn’t go […]

My luxury watch wishlist


You don’t have to own an expensive watch collection to love watches. My go to timepiece is a simple Daniel Wellington with a brown leather band, but the rest of my collection consists of different styles from my favorite fast-fashion retailers. Growing up, watches were not at the top of my jewelry wishlist, but the more I’ve gotten into fashion, the more I’ve realized that they are the perfect way to complete an outfit. Whether I’m feeling delicate or daring, I always need to strap on a watch that fits […]

Why more designers are choosing eco-friendly diamonds


David Perry & Associate’s contributing editor, Kathleen Beckett, shown below, covers the luxury market, which is predicated on rarity—diamonds mined from the earth, silk harvested from cocoons and leather tanned from the hides of animals. But as she notes in her recent article in Departure’s magazine, How Tech Is Shaping the Future of Luxury Fashion, as scientists develop new ways to grow diamonds, leather and silk in labs, more designers are choosing these eco-friendly, humane—and yes, rarefied—materials. Because we cover the jewelry world and because there seems to be a lot […]