What could be more fun than looking at and trying on beautiful jewelry? Doing it as a job! Our favorite part about attending the JA New York show is that we get to walk this show every few months. And besides the to-die-for jewelry, it gives us an opportunity to meet the designers behind the collections, including the first-timers at the shows. We always get to hear an amazing story that inspired the pieces, try on their breathtaking creations, leave the show excited about all the fresh, new looks we’ve seen—and enthused to share what we found with our readers! Enjoy our recap of our favorites from the New Designer Gallery at the recent JA Spring show. And be sure to follow us on Instagram @davidperryandassociates to see even more eye candy from the show!—Stephanie Melia


Rachel Atherley Jewelry

Rachel loves creating and putting her works of art into the world! She finds inspiration in her everyday life. Rachel’s super edgy cuffs were inspired by a shed snake skin that her husband found in their yard. They are all sterling silver with unique finishes to lighten or darken the color. The best part? They are easily adjustable to fit your wrist, so say goodbye to annoying, loose bangles!




We also couldn’t leave without asking Rachel to give us a lesson on statement stacking. The more the merrier, especially when it comes to stunning stones like these!





Mia Chicco

When we met Mia we were drawn to her hand-crafted pieces immediately. Their delicate beauty and the attention to detail within each piece was what made us swoon. Plus, she loves working in rose gold – one of our favorites too! Her rustic pendant necklaces are carefully embedded with champagne diamonds, but not only are they gorgeous, they’re green! She crafts them out of recycled gold. She also showed us a new must-have stone: opalized wood! You can see how Mia turned this amazing natural creation into her own design in the earrings below.





We also took another lesson in stacking, this time from Mia, whose rings can be worn solo, but are made to fit exactly together.



Larisa Laivins Jewelry

At Larisa Laivins’ booth we saw one common theme (besides beautiful). It was blue! Larisa worked in a ton of blue, especially turquoise, which she explains was inspired by her Dallas, Texas roots. Studded with sapphires and turquoise, these 18K gold bangles were an updated twist on her mother’s sorority bracelet.




We also couldn’t get enough of Larisa’s reverse French manicure, complimented by her signature turquoise rings – we had to snap a picture before we left her booth.




When we met Ann Korman, the owner and designer behind ARKjems were most inspired by how much thought goes into each piece. All of her pieces have a distinct name and a reason behind them. The collection went together so nicely, and what caught our eye right away (and throughout whole time we spoke with Ann) were her Blue Spell hoop earrings with a stand-out sapphire on each hoop.




The Manifestation Ring, inspired by a visual mantra called Yantra. The ring is centered by a blue moonstone where underneath a Sri Yantra symbol is engraved. This was another one of our favorites because it has so much meaning and we definitely wouldn’t mind wearing it either!