Few things in life raise our happiness quotient more than a wedding. And no one knows that better than wedding dress designer Hayley Paige who has channeled her dazzling down-the-aisle style into two bridal gown labels (Hayley Paige and Blush by Hayley Paige, under bridal house JLM Couture), the YouTube series “Just Got Paiged, and as a regular on the long-running TLC hit “Say Yes to the Dress” and it’s new spin-off “Say Yes to the Dress America” (debuting January 2020). “I love my job. I love dressing women for the day that most of them have been dreaming. It comes with so much heart,” she told us in a recent interview. That fairy godmotherish desire to make dreams come true is also apparent in her new jewelry collection, Hayley Paige for Hearts on Fire. Be it gowns or jewelry, Hayley says she designs for the same confident woman “who is not afraid of expressing her personality.” But with so many projects and collections in the works, how does she find time to do it all? And most importantly, carve out the time to create? We caught up with Hayley on a recent afternoon when she told us the key trick to doing it all is to thank her future self for being a stickler to routine. — Sue Perry

DPA: Tell us about your creative process? Do you have a ritual?

Hayley Paige: I have a lot of distractions. So I look at designing and getting into my creative zone as the main highlight of my day. It’s what I enjoy doing most.


DPA: Where do you prefer to work?

HP: In my office, it’s my happy place where I can focus and be creative. I really like all my resources visually around me so I can talk to my team and touch the fabrics. But it’s also nice to get out of the office and travel. This is when I can interact with brides one-on-one and get direct feedback. And when you’re out of your daily routine for awhile, it makes you appreciate routine all the more.

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DPA: What time of day? Are you a morning person or does it take you longer to get your juices going?

HP: I’m a night person for sure, but if I have a productive morning, it sets the pace for the rest of the day. So I try to do the same routine, catching up on social media, answering messages and going to the gym to work out to get my blood flowing and brain thinking. If I don’t do this morning routine, I feel behind. And because I prefer to be a night person, I ask myself whether my future self will be mad at me if I don’t stick to it.

DPA: How is designing jewelry different from designing wedding dresses?

HP: This is my first step into the jewelry world and designing with that eternal mindset, whereas a bridal gown makes a statement in a moment and creates a memory. I keep that in mind when I’m designing a dress— what’s going to pull her into that moment? But the ring signifies something significant and you commit to wearing it every day which is different than a dress.

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DPA: What is your favorite jewelry creation so far?

HP: People always ask me, ‘what’s my favorite dress?’ And it’s always forever changing. You appreciate it on different girls. And it’s the same with jewelry. But if I had to choose one piece, it would have to be the Behati ring (shown below, top left). But I love the Behati Silhouette Power Band (shown below, bottom) and the Harley Wraparound Band (shown below, top right). which are all so unique and also work in harmony in a stack.

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DPA: What’s next for Hayley Paige?

HP: I can’t wait to start work on my next collection. I’ve been inspired by the lovely consumer reaction to my first collection, which makes me think, ‘okay, what can I do next?’