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Always tasteful and demure, you can’t go wrong with a rope of pearls draped around your neck. They’re also the traditional gift for brides, June birthdays, and even third and thirtieth wedding anniversaries. And, in case you haven’t noticed, this timeless accessory has taken a fashion-forward leap into the spotlight this spring. From funky embellishments on fast-fashion denim to fancy, couture details—and everything in between—pearls have gone above and beyond that simple strand your grandmother wore to every family gathering. Pearls are popping up all over and we love the look, which is definitely not your grandmother’s! —Stephanie Melia


Chanel is a household name that has become synonymous with pearls, evoking images of models swathed in ropes and ropes of the big white orbs. But even this couture house knows how to shake things up. For Spring/Summer 2017 Chanel’s models strutted down the runway in pearl ankle bracelets—and no other jewelry, proving that even classic pearls can rock an edgier new look!



Other big fashion houses have embraced this traditional symbol of simplicity and femininity in surprising new ways. We especially love how pearly embellishments give these otherwise simple Gucci pumps, shown above, exciting new flare.


Also check out fast-fashion favorites like Zara and you’ll see pearls all over the place, adorning flip flops, jackets and the cute high rise jeans, shown above.


But don’t get us wrong, pearls still rule the jewelry box. And we applaud the designers who are creating fresh new looks for the gem that are anything but granny-like. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites. Shown from the top: Mizuki ring, Imperial Pearl bangle, Yoko London hoop earrings, Imperial Pearl statement ring, Mastoloni Pearls Waterfall earrings.