An engagement ring is an iconic token of love, but in Lindsey Scoggins world, so is an anniversary ring. Or how about a diamond ring to commemorate a loved one’s 21st birthday?  (Yes, there should be a market for that!) And of course, there is her special way with engagement rings and bands with designs that pay attention to the tiniest details that make her pieces so distinctive and unique. In other words, this former architecture major turned designer is redefining modern love through jewelry. “It all started with a diamond ring my mother designed for my 21st birthday,” she told us as she twirled the exquisite ring around her finger while we chatted at the Emerging Designers Press Preview, sponsored by London Jewelers and the Women’s Jewelry Association. That’s when her love affair with the sentiment and significance of diamonds was born, launching her career in the jewelry industry after earning a degree in architecture. “My passion is to create more than a piece of jewelry. Every piece I design reflects the love story of the couple it represents,” she says. We love the philosophy behind her work as much as we love the designs themselves. See for yourself.—Sue Perry




So chic and clever: These are stackable anniversary bands. The diamond X signifies the 10th year of wedded bliss, and Lindsey has created bands with more roman numerals to add on as you celebrate future years.



This is hardly your typical solitaire. Love the way Lindsey marries modern geometric design with traditional classical elements to create something so unique and modern.




What looks like a pave diamond band is actually an octagon-shaped band, which to me, signifies the multifaceted nature of a love relationship. Beautiful!