If you needed any more proof that wrapping your ears in multiple studs, huggies, hoops and crawlers is a great mainstream fashion look—check out the creative combos above. All were created by the Chicago-based designer Dana Rebecca—who has sharpened her jewelry layering skills in the endless images she creates for her website, Instagram and Facebook, which have attracted a fan base of over 100,000 followers collectively. Beyond earrings, we love all things Dana Rebecca because the pieces are not only super pretty, but the entire line is so smart. Most everything works together, meaning  from necklaces and rings to bangles and earrings, these pieces can stand alone or be layered and stacked. While most of us have mastered the art of layering rings and bangles, stacking your ears can be tricky. “First, you have to know what earring styles look best on you—bold and chunky or petite and delicate. You also have to factor in the shape of your ear and where your piercings are located. Are they high? Low? Evenly spaced or crooked?” says Dana, who got her second piercing when her daughter got her ears pierced and prefers bigger, bolder earrings to tiny studs (see her go-to styles below). Another thing to think about when building an ear stack is to choose pieces that will enhance what you already have. “If you have classic round studs, think about adding a fun shape like a chubby hoop or an edgy crawler. There’s no right or wrong when switching up your earrings, says Dana,” just have fun.” Still, if you would like a quick tutorial, we asked Dana to take us through the steps in creating the fun looks shown here.—Sue Perry


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What makes it work: You’ll need four evenly spaced holes and four dainty earrings that fit nicely on the ear lobe. “This is a great everyday look,” says Dana who chose diamond studs in about the same size and in the same metal which creates a neutral effect to make mixing and matching effortless. The play on shapes adds to the fun.

Earrings shown: Lauren Joy Mini Disc studs, Sylvie Rose bar studs, Emily Sarah triangle studs, DRD mini huggies



What makes it work: You’ll need three nicely spaced holes and earrings in contrasting colors. Here, Dana flanked a slim black diamond huggie with a pair of yellow sapphire chunky earrings. “If you put the two yellow huggies together and then the black, the look would be heavier,” says Dana. “Here it’s aired out by putting the skinnier piece in the middle.” For something a little less edgy, Dana ssuggests white diamond chunky huggies or even pink stones in rose gold for a softer feel.

Earrings shown: DRD large Huggies in yellow sapphire and DRD black diamond mini huggies




What makes it work: Multiple holes—2 evenly spaced and lower on the lobe and at least one more placed a bit higher. This is a bolder asymmetric look in which Dana placed two slim matching diamond hoops on one ear with a diamond crawler, which covers another hole in the model’s ear. In the ear turned away from the camera, she wears the matching crawler. You don’t have to be perfect and wear matching pairs. It’s fun to play with earrings and show your personality,” says Dana who liked the pairing of round and linear shapes in this composition. “It’s bold and funky but the delicacy of the pieces also has a classic vibe,” she says.

Earrings shown: DRD large hoops and Sadie Pearl bad stud




What makes it work: If you’re not ready to commit to more piercings but love the look, an ear crawler is a great way to get it. This piece has a post in the middle and can be worn horizontally to give you a multi-pierced look or worn vertically as a drop. “A piece like this can also help you determine where to place your holes if you would like more piercings,” says Dana.

Earring shown: Poppy Raw studs




What works for Dana: Even though she has two piercings in her ears, Dana prefers to wear a single bold earring. “My absolute go-to favorite and the earring I live in every day is the Sarah Leah Six Burst stud (shown above center). It’s very unique and I love the way it sits on the ear. I get so many compliments when I wear these earrings. I have probably sold 20 pairs right out of my ears even sitting at restaurants. Another fun stud for me is what I call the chubby huggie (shown above left) and I love large hoops. When I can’t figure out how to complete an outfit and want to dress up my look, I go for diamond hoops.” Diamonds? For everyday wear? Yes, says Dana. I encourage our customers to choose jewelry that will be in their everyday rotation—not just for special occasions. Diamond earrings especially—studs, drops, hoops—should not just be waiting in your jewelry box for a black tie event, they look amazing with jeans and sneakers. I encourage you to enjoy your jewelry and have fun with it.”

Earrings shown: DRD large huggies, Sarah Leah Six Burst studs, DRD large hoops