Our favorite trend of the moment is statement jewelry! We love the way a really good pair of eye-catching earrings automatically change a look. And the way a bunch of layered necklaces complement a feminine blouse. Or the way stacking up your #armcandy adds a bold twist to every outfit. The best way to accessorize is fearlessly, and fashion and lifestyle blogger Audree Kate (simplyaudreykate.com) does it best! We had the opportunity to ask Audree about some of her tips on how to be a fearless accessorizer and this is what she had to say:


DPA: Not everyone can pull off the looks you rock, so tell us how to do bold the right way?


AK: First of all, thank you! I hear that a lot from readers, friends and even family, but my answer to that is it just takes confidence. I used to be really scared of how I dressed and toned down each outfit, but once I moved to NYC, I stopped caring as much. There are not really any set rules you can follow – mixing prints and color can feel weird at first, but create a really interesting and fun look, and I always accessorize! Add some jewelry, a great bag and fun shoes to make the outfit come full circle. My advice: more is always more.




DPA: What would you say is the key to being confident when wearing these bold looks?


AK: I believe that people try to impress other people with their appearance, outfits and looks on a daily basis (and I’m guilty of it too!) but as soon as I started dressing for myself, not to try and fit in with my co-workers, other New York girls, fashion girls, etc., I finally found my personal style. I do a gut check with each look: Do I feel powerful? Sexy? or Happy? If so, then I know I will feel confident wearing it throughout the day. I want to feel confident – in charge, happy and even sometimes a little sexy (given my version of feeling sexy is wearing a graphic tee and great fitting jeans haha). If you’re not comfortable and happy in your look, you won’t be confident—and that can be with something as simple as what you wear to the gym, to your biggest night out.




DPA: I did notice sometimes you would wear more delicate necklaces or rings; how do you make delicate pieces look bold?


AK: I’ve normally never been a delicate jewelry person (more please!) but the key is to stack it up. I layer about 10 delicate rings on my hands, which create a fun, but approachable look, and then I layer about five dainty necklaces of various lengths to create a necklace bib. You will most likely never catch me with one ring on or a single chain necklace.



DPA: Lastly, what accessory can’t you live without and why?


AK: I would say my rings. They all have a story behind them, from thrifting adventures, gifts, travel, and I feel like they are a huge part of my wardrobe.


All it takes to be a fearless accessorizer is your own unique style and the confidence to pull it off. Don’t be afraid to wear those big dangly earrings AND the chunky necklace. In our book, there is no such thing as too many accessories! Check out our Instagram, @davidperryandassociates, for more of our favorite jewelry trends and more! —Emily Horrego



Via @simplyaudreekate Instagram and Holiday Magazine.