By now everyone has sung his praises and said their good byes to Karl Lagerfeld, whose most recent—and sadly last—show for Chanel left me in bittersweet awe. Of course, when someone who cast such a large influence over us passes, a flurry of emails usually ensues with like minded friends sharing their stories and grief. In this case one journalist friend shared her experience of interviewing the designer, who she said was always a lot of fun. “He spoke in a rapidfire manner and always had an interesting take on things”, she continued. “Since we are all writers you’ll appreciate it when I say he was very quotable—makes our work easier. He certainly had a good long run and you might say he quit while he was still at the top—At age 85 no less, that in itself is a triumph. So RIP, KL, on that Big catwalk in the sky.”Karl-Lagerfeld-1

Triumph indeed. As I scrolled through slide shows and images of the recent Chanel show, I was not only struck with the beauty of the clothes but of how the looks still paid tribute to Coco herself. The ropes of pearls, big button earrings and two-wristed cuffs recaptured the decades old aesthetic in a thoroughly youthful and modern way. The ladylike suits in bold colors speak to today’s take-charge women (think Nancy Pelosi, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and you and me). And those cute waist bags—in fuzzy, cozy textures—are still going strong. Oh, if only the designer could as well.—Sue Perry



These suits say to me: Speak up, be bold, live large.


Bling it on; two cuffs are better than one.


The reinterpreter of Coco Chanel was drawn to the lure of the past but his look was fresh and modern.