Fashion insider Karen Giberson (shown above), President of The Accessories Council , which represents over 300 of the biggest brands in the industry, has the perfect perch from which to track style trends. Karen knows before anyone else what shoes, sneakers, handbags, jewelry and even sunglasses frames we’ll be coveting in 2019. She knows what colors and patterns will be hot. And her crystal ball even gazes into our makeup bags to see what nail and lipstick hues will be on trend.  So how does a guru of style and taste accessorize herself? Here, she shares some of her personal must-haves and styling tips with DPA.


DPA What is the one accessory you can’t live without—and why?

KG I have a pair of Hearts on Fire diamond stud earrings (shown below) that my husband gave me.  I wear them almost every day. They are beautiful, easy to wear and a sentimental gift.

AerClustE_w_00_1DPA How do you stay current with the trends and still stay true to your personal style?

KG  I am constantly experimenting with new styles and trends.  I often mix them with my tried and true favorites.  I am fortunate to be in a position where I can see trends early and sometimes borrow a look.  Often, I end up loving something that I might not have initially picked up.  Right now, I am living in my Adrienne Laudau reversible vest, my Ela Rae Necklaces, a vintage bracelet by Francesca Visconti, my Apple Watch and my Aimee Kestenberg backpack handbag. It has tons of function with room for a tablet or laptop and slots for pens, sunglasses, phone and keys.



DPA Of the new trends you see for 2019, which is your favorite?

KG My #1 most favorite new accessory is the Ela Rae “No Bullshit” necklace. It’s pretty awesome. It’s my personal mantra for this time in my life!




DPA What is the key to being confident in your fashion and accessory choices?

KG As the President of the Accessories Council, when planning my wardrobe, my accessories often come before the clothes.  I usually plan my outfits around a bag, shoes, scarf or jewelry.  I like statement pieces, conversational items and trying new brands/designs.