It’s taken nearly three decades for the jewelry industry to catch up to Todd Reed’s vision of conscientious design. Not only has the Colorado-based designer been crafting jewelry with humane and environmentally sustainable origins for the last 27 years, his work is more than just beautiful — it’s art. We caught up with Todd while he was in New York where you can see and buy his unique pieces at the recently-opened Neiman Marcus store at Hudson Yards.

DPA: How do you prepare yourself to be creative?

TR: I look at each design as an opportunity to make a sculptural work of art.


Each pair of earrings in this series showcases the beauty of the stone and adds interesting movement and design elements.

DPA: Your collections are built around rough stones and recycled metals. What inspired this vision?

TR: It was an artistic vision celebrating the uniqueness in the materials and the character in people. Our jewelry industry tends toward sameness. And it was disturbing to me that love was seemingly measured by the size and sameness of jewelry and not the unique beauty of the stones.

58381816_10156433572567921_6900931272554577920_oRaw diamond cubes are set in gold and balanced on a patinaed sterling silver band.

DPA: Was this a mindset you wanted to change?

TR: Not so much change. I was trying to bring awareness so people could have more unique choices that would celebrate the character of the relationship.


For the unconventional bride, this engagement ring features a fancy cut diamond, yellow brilliant cut diamonds and white brilliant cut diamonds in 18k yellow gold.

DPA: Your new emerald pieces are amazing. Why did you decide to work with emeralds?

TR: Thank you. I love green. It’s a series of one-of-a-kind pieces. My goal was simply to use the stones in more unique and special ways.


Dangle earrings with white brilliant cut diamonds and emeralds.

DPA: We also love your collection of bold and graphic statement earrings. How did this collection come to be?

TR: These too are limited editions and it has been a pleasure to design and make them. The initial idea came from Art Deco table service sets I had seen.


Dangle earrings with white brilliant cut diamonds.

DPA: What do you hope your creative legacy to be?

TR: I only make designs I feel passionate about — definitely for art lovers and collectors. My goal is to make fewer pieces, so dripping with beauty and emotion, that desire [for them] is inherent, Expect to see more of the unexpected.


This ring with white brilliant cut diamonds in 18k yellow gold is a limited edition of 5.