mainphotoYou’re engaged!?!?” That is a question I get on a weekly basis. This time the question came from my 10-year-old cousin who lives in Connecticut via Snapchat. Whether we’re shooting an engagement ring video for a client, trying on a sparkly stack for fun at a designer preview, or taking mental notes on bridal trends at an industry event, it seems like I constantly have engagement rings on my fingers. Being an engagement ring model is not too shabby, right? Some of my more distant family members and friends who keep in touch through social media alone freak out when they see me post with a big ol’ rock on my ring finger.
My first ever fake-out was when I “hand-modeled” some engagement rings for a video shoot we did for a client. I posted a pic of my freshly manicured fingers, adorned with a stunning engagement ring accompanied by the caption “I said yes! Just kidding.” Apparently, a lot of my followers didn’t make it all the way to the “just kidding” part before commenting in a mix of surprise and panic (I guess the flowers and champagne did make it look all the more realistic). I had to call my mom and warn her that if anyone told her I was engaged I was only joking!—Stephanie Melia



The Princess-cut prettiness is too gorgeous not to post! I’ve been doing this for well over a year now, but I still seem to surprise somebody every time I post a new picture from DPA. Now-a-days I love posting pictures like this just to see who will take the bait next! Isn’t it just so much fun to be engaged?! (wink wink)

photo 2

The 2 ct. and platinum diamond halo ring, shown above is a stunner, sold exclusively at Jay Roberts Jewelers.