A-list engagement rings always make heaimgres-1dlines, but this season’s crop of brides-to-be also happen to be millennials who are setting the trends that can drive sales in your store. Lady Gaga chose a heart-shaped sparkler. Iggy Izalea announced her engagement with a fancy yellow diamond encircled in a white diamond halo. And Julianne Hough’s gorgeous oval diamond mounted in a thin pave band is different with a classic twist. Will 2016 brides want to copycat these looks? To find out what’s trending and changing in wedding jewelry, we got the lowdown from Amanda Tropilla, Public Relations Coordinator of Platinum Guild International USA.


DPA: So are cushion cuts on their way out?

Amanda Tropilla:Amanda TropilaNot all at. Cushion cuts are still hugely popular, but more millennial brides are looking for something a bit different and out of the norm.

DPA: Why is that?

AT: With more access to the Internet, they’re doing their research. If they see something special to them—even the tiniest detail—they are likely to want to add it to their own ring setting. It could be a colored stone or a unique shape such as a heart, marquis or pear. We’re seeing marquis and pear shapes set in different ways—east-west, for example instead of up and down. It’s such a little detail but it really makes a difference.

DPA: What are some other trends you’re seeing?

AT: Mixed metals. Rose gold is being used to spice up settings. You don’t have to have the entire engagement ring made of it, but it’s another way to add a fun element without going too crazy. Another trend we’re seeing: Brides who don’t want a match-matchy look are choosing engagement rings and wedding bands in different metals that can be worn on different hands.

DPA: Is there anything new in colored gemstones?

AT: Well, they’re not always being worn on the outside of the engagement ring. Sometimes a ruby or another stone will be discreetly used on the inside of the band of a classic solitaire to signify something symbolic.

 DPA: Are there any other design tweaks you’re seeing in solitaires?

AT: Yes. The basket is changing; we’re seeing more intricate details on the side of the ring. And some brides are customizing their engagement rings by adding one tiny surprise diamond to the setting.

DPA: What gemstones are trending in engagement rings?

AT: Sapphires are still very popular; we’re also seeing a lot of rubies lately and some yellow diamonds and emeralds too.

DPA: With all of these notable changes happening in bridal jewelry, what advice do have for jewelers who want to keep up, but don’t necessarily have the shelf space to carry every trend out there?

AT: First, if you don’t have all the latest looks in stock, having a range of styles on a computer screen can show customers more options. And make sure your customers know that you can order or customize a design for them—change the stone out or set it differently, for example.

Next, Don’t forget the men. Men are taking more pride in their rings and a lot of designers have amped up their designs for this new market.

And finally, Make it a three ring sale. Many couples don’t come back to the same store to buy their wedding rings. We suggest that you put that thought in their minds right away